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Our Client Centered Planning Process

Embarking on the road to financial success can naturally evoke feelings of uncertainty or apprehension. You may know where you want to land, but you don’t know where to start. At Summit Advisory, our step-by-step process is designed to guide you on your path to financial wellness in the most holistic way possible. From the first step to the last, you can be assured every move we make together will be calculated in your very best interests.


We first sit down with you for a comprehensive consultation to develop our understanding of your current financial landscape and your financial and lifestyle goals.

Analyze and Strategize

We’ll then bring the data to a white board session and draw everything out visually. Here is where the magic starts to happen, as we’ll begin to map out strategies to tackle your goals.


Once we have selected the most appropriate strategy for your unique needs, we'll complete your financial plan.  We work with you to incorporate financial and lifestyle goals with an eye on risk levels including future tax exposures.

Review and Adjust

Finally, we will periodically review and continually monitor progress toward your plan goals.  When appropriate due to financial or life changes, adjustments will be developed and recommended for your plan to assist you in working through life transitions.

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